Friends Remember

Richard Tryon

02/23/2009 18:14
Few tragedies in this or any community have generated a greater response to show the power of the human spirit than the one we memorialize here today. I personally regret not being able to attend as I will still be on assignment in Puerto Rico. However, whoever reads these words will know that my...

Dave Jameson

02/23/2009 18:13
  I recall vividly my first image of Pia - smiling, happy and beautiful when she, Enrico and little Claudio arrived at Willard airport in Champaign twenty years ago. That image remains crystal clear in my mind today and yet it shows the very same Pia I saw so recently - a Pia who, in some...

Joshua Fishkin

02/23/2009 18:11
Dear Enrico, When you said "To be in Pia's presence was to be happy", you spoke truly. She possessed the rare quality of being able to light up a room with her presence. Her warmth, beauty, and high intelligence made it a pleasure for everyone to be with her. One of my favorite memories is of a...