School of Chemical Science Memorial

Zan Schulten: Good Deeds

12/05/1995 17:00
For Catholics in Europe, the eve of December 6th has a special meaning. It is the time that Saint Nikolaus and his companion Squire Ruprecht visit every home with their book of merits. On the right...

Mark Sandrock: Pia's Secret

12/05/1995 17:00
I will never forget the day in July of 1988, when a petite, attractive woman stood at my door here in Noyes Lab and told me she had heard we were looking for a VAX programmer. She looked like no...

Fabio Gratton: The Principles of Pia Physics

12/05/1995 18:02
  It’s hardly been a month since the day my dad called me and told me my mom had been murdered. Since the day, every moment, awake or sleeping, has been filled with her presence. She was the...

Enrico Gratton: Pia, Do You Remember

12/05/1995 18:01
Dear Pia, my love: I had a very special relationship with you, a relationship in which I had the strongest desire to see you, to feel the touch of your hand, to enjoy your presence during every...

Claudio Gratton: What My Mother Gave to Me

12/05/1995 00:00
Pia’s death has moved me to think hard about my life, her life and what she gave to me to make me the person I am today. After all this is a memorial to Pia -- we are all here to remember who she was...


This plaque was presented to the Computer Science Center to commemorate Pia.