Her World View

Pia was a truly remarkable person. She was able to reconcile distinct and some times contradictory aspects of common people life.

Pia loved to feel beautiful, and loved to share her joy for life with everyone, in the family and at work. And everyone liked her for her cheerful character and for her radiant smile. Although she was very conscious of her attractiveness, she never used it to advance her in career matters. She wanted to be perfect in every aspect of her life. She was convinced that her professionality could only result from her knowledge and capabilities. She never stopped her education in her field of work. Even during the last year, she was taking courses in computer science to improve her knowledge in this rapidly changing field. She wanted to perform her job at the highest level. If someone asked her a question which she was unprepared to answer, she made it her goal to learn more about the subject so she could properly answer the question the next day. She was always ready to listen to others, to understand their problems and to help in the most professional fashion.

Pia’s beauty and her charm was her way to be. Her joy for living, which came spontaneously to her, enlightened the life of her husband and of everyone who came in contact with her; be it the mature professor or the classmates of her young daughter Valentina. This magical quality in her interactions with others arose from a profound belief that all people are good and trustworthy. Because people sensed this, they went to her with their problems. They came to count on her, depend on her for advise in all matters of life. Without exception, she listened patiently and responded with sincere words. And like many will tell you, she had an acute practical sense, and a sure judgment.

Pia’s desire for perfection extended beyond her work environment. It was particularly noticeable in Pia’s favorite pastime: dancing. Pia felt that dancing allowed her to express her vivacity, grace and beauty. She took countless courses that covered everything from the tango to the lambada. She had a deep affinity for the South American rhythms, so she doubled her effort and learned steps which even seasoned professionals find difficult executing. But she had Latin blood, coursing hot through her veins in a pulsating rhythm. She could not escape this rhythm. It was the rhythm of a celebration in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, it was a rhythm which caught her under a magical spell, and spun her out into the dance floor where she could let the rhythm loose. If you could see the smile on her face when she danced, the pure ease with which she moved, you would have thought she was made to dance through life. Then again, crossing Pia’s path was like dancing with Pia. It always left your heart beating fast, and a smile on your face.

In the family, she was always showing her vibrancy and happiness. She always wanted to travel with the family, to share with her husband and children the experience of seeing new worlds, learning new languages and customs. Our most vivid memories are in the many trips to Europe and South America. She always wanted to discover the most secret beaches or the treasures of the art museums in the countries or towns we were traveling. She wanted to talk to the people of these countries, to feel their lives and to experience their customs.

It is rare to find all these varied aspects of character in one person. But for Pia, it came easy. It was who she was, and who she will always be for us. The result was the most enjoyable human being, the most charming woman, and the most sensitive friend. Pia’s passionate personality and beauty will be forever in our memories.