[Dawn, December 24 1995. Enrico, Claudio, Fabio, Valentina, Elia, Brenda, Natalie, Dave, and Pia's ashes]

My Dearest Children:

We are here holding hands on Kailua beach to honor Pia's last wish. She asked me to bring her to this place that she loved so much. She wished to spend eternity on this beach, in this bay. She said that this was the most beautiful beach she had ever seen. Here the sun and the sea that she loved so much will be forever her companions. When my time comes, I would like my ashes to be dispersed on this beach, so that what remains of our bodies may be together forever again. We spent 25 years living in bliss and happiness, our desire to be together was our guide throughout our life. That desire shall live on for eternity.

Pia was everything to me. Every action I took, every thought I had, I always asked myself if that was what Pia wanted. This complete dedication to the person I loved has guided me for all my life. It was so beautiful, and I wish it upon you.

We had an burning desire to be together, to hold hands, to feel the warmth of our bodies, in every occasion, in every place. It was a desire that grew stronger every day, each year. Although we will be apart for some time now, one day I will be in this bay, and that day I will feel Pia's contact again, forever.

Since we first came to Hawaii, we felt something special for these islands. We felt a special bond for this place, as though this place was made to be ours, forever. And it will be. Please, come stay with us when you have the time, and think of us holding our hands, happy, as we always have been during our lives.

It was natural for Pia to be on the beach and under the sun. That was the dream of her life. She always told me that the warmth of the sun on her body and the sound of the waves were the most beautiful things. For this reason, I wanted to bring her here, so that we can always think of her on the beach, under the Hawaiian sun, surrounded by flowers and this warm air, forever. I loved to see the tan on Pia's body. I always told her how the brown color was particularly beautiful on her. She knew that I loved her tan.

Dear Claudio, Fabio, Valentina, Brenda and Natalie: I wish that the love between Pia and I will guide you as well. There are important things in our lives, and less important ones. To love each other from the depth of our hearts, without limits, without compromises, through the good and difficult times, is the most important thing for us. And I hope that, like my love for Pia, those feelings you have grow with the passing of time.

Now it is time for me to momentarily separate from Pia. I am serene and the peace of my soul will be with you. Although I am not a believer, I want to thank whoever has given me this beautiful life with Pia. I have no anger for that poor individual who took Pia away from me. It looks as though it was destiny, so that I will remember Pia young and beautiful forever.

I will never know Pia's last thoughts. I hope that she was able to think about me and about you. I hope she died happy, as she wanted to. I hope that during the last moments, she was able to appreciate her life and the happiness that was always with her. That the peace that was taken from her during her last moments return to her, for the eternity.

Pia, our heart is with you.

Ciao, Enrico