The Funeral

(The following was read out loud by Enrico Gratton at Pia's funeral)

Cara Pia (dear Pia)

Mia piccola sirenetta (My little siren)

My love:

I gave you my heart. You filled it with love. We lived as perennial lovers. Every day was a new life for us, a new experience. We could not wait to see each other again, to feel the touch of our hands. Your dark warmth eyes and your beautiful sweet smile will be with me, forever.

Our happiness was to see each other, to look into our eyes, to feel our bond. We wanted to test this bond every day. And every day it became stronger and deeper. Sometimes we felt we were like fragile creatures, in need for a nest to protect us while the world around us tested the strength of our love. But it was too strong to be shaken.

We never worried about things to come, because we wanted to seize every instant of our present. And every day was a new, wonderful experience. As I was telling you every night, when you were asking for that warm caress to end the day, I was falling in love with you. And that every day I wanted you more than ever, forever.

You have given us your beauty and your joy for life. Your trust in people, your kindness to every one, your interest in everything around you have made my life and the life of the people around you the most enjoyable. Every one was attracted by your fascinating beauty, your openness, your generosity, your eternal joy. To be in your presence was to feel happy. Let us join you in your positive vision of the world. Our trust in others should not be shaken by this tragedy. Our joy for life, the serenity of our souls should continue on. We should learn from Pia’s life and her sacrifice. You should know that she had made a conscious choice in her life. A difficult choice. A choice between living in fear and distrust or to believing in others. And she chose to let everybody feel her joy and trust for life. Her eyes and her smile were the image of her heart and her soul. Let her example in life be with us and with our children forever.

Your love for our children was the most beautiful and profound. Your were a mother and a sister to them. You wanted them to call you Pia, so that you could be their sister. We only had happy moments in our family. You wanted for us to live and feel as children, so that we could be closer to them. You wanted to share with them your candor and your kindness. Pia, you will be with us, forever.

You always wanted for all of us to remember you, young and beautiful. You wanted that everybody maintain the image of your captivating eyes and your sweet smile and your contagious happiness, and now it will be so, forever.

Pia, you died with a smile on your face. This smile was your secret smile for me. You were telling me that you had a wonderful life, that you had found your heaven on this earth, and that you would be happy, forever.

Pia, my love, you will be in my heart, forever.