Moon Over Sun

You carried your smile
On the wings of your brows
Sprinkling bread-
Crumb glitter winks
So we could all find
Our way home.

Despite a fear of inadequacy
You filled our life with courage
(Passed off as wisdom)
You launched us into the world
To blow boulders like feathers

We sealed our covenant
Over many meals
And coffee tables
Nursing with great concern
The world’s inequities
None too small
Or too far from home

The world was a weight
You vowed to carry
(This was a secret)

You were once a little girl
Taught the hard way
Water won’t extinguish all fires.
So you laughed when it hurt
Screamed when you loved
We all caught on.

You fixed in the mirror
The diamond
That would make us all
Whole again
(You did it!)
We never knew
That your beauty
Would be eclipsed
By your spirit.